We carry out all elements of remediation, crushing and importing aggregates


Whether you’re looking to excavate, relocate, remove or introduce material - the Total Reclaims Demolition fleet of plant and haulage can support you and your plans. As with our other service offerings, we’re constantly striving to minimise the impact on the environment so where we can, we’ll recycle while we re-engineer your site with earth and aggregate materials.


  • Site remediation including excavation and removal of contaminants
  • Making safe and excavation of underground tanks
  • Grubbing up of underground obstructions
  • Bulk dig

We’re committed to minimising waste to its lowest level possible


Total Reclaims Demolition has a commitment to minimising waste to its lowest level practical by recycling and recovering as much raw material as possible for resale, reuse or recycling, therefore supporting the environment and adhering to government legislation.
Over the years we’ve produced high yields of clean, good quality aggregate as a cost effective alternative to primary materials for our clients.


We carry out all elements of site remediation including environmental controls: -


  • T5 notifications
  • Crushing
  • Arranging for material testing
  • Supply / importation of aggregate


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