We safely salvage, remove and adapt existing elements of a building envelope including cladding, facade, and internal structures whilst offering major project assistance


Refurbishment works are very diverse and range from small to large scale requiring a specialist, innovative and flexible approach.


Our works are designed to each specific building element and cover: -


  • Identification of salvageable items
  • Methodology for salvage of specific items required in the redevelopment works
  • Protection of retained building elements
  • Creation of protected drop-zones
  • Removal of identified items in required sequences

We undertake all Refurbishment project types regardless of size or complexity


Our works cover all types of building envelope, cladding and facade, and internal structures; from large scale works within the public and private sectors including city centre, high-rise, urban regeneration schemes and industrial, to smaller scale private works such as private dwellings, garages, and air-raid shelters. We have expertise on working on highly sensitive projects such as listed buildings and environmentally sensitive surroundings and where possible, all of the materials recovered are recycled.


We offer in-house solutions to any refurbishment project ranging through: -


  • Conventional
  • Industrial
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Health
  • Educational
  • Historical/Listed
  • to individual properties


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