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Dec 16 2019

Heart of the City II Project in Sheffield Continues

In 2015, Sheffield City Council announced plans for the Sheffield Heart of the City II masterplan to regenerate the south side of the city. This masterplan, designed by Leonard Design Architects, is one of Sheffield's key economic projects and has seen a £470 investment which aims to claim back the lower floors of the city centre to create a bustling, vibrant and enticing high street.

TRD began work in May 2019 to demolish several structures to make way for brand-new retail, residential and office buildings.

Our news story published in September 2019 provides a background of the initiative and more photographs of the demolition works that have already been completed - read it here.  

Heart of the city II

Since this time, much more of the project has been completed. Block B has been demolished down to ground floor level to allow follow on trades to install tension ties around the perimeter walls prior to us removing the ground floor slab.  

We have now focused our attention on Block C and have completed demolition of the former night-club and the partial demolition of the former HSBC structures.

Both structures were classified as unsafe and required specific methodologies preparing and agreeing in advance of the works to enable their safe reduction including:-

- sequencing to allow for removal of hazardous materials, and extraction of arisings at ground floor level;

- installation of full public protection and environmental containment measures to minimise disturbance to the surrounding city centre environment.

The project continues and we have just achieved Cat3 check approval for the facade retention scaffold which has been installed to support and protect the heritage of the Pinstone Street wall, which forms part the planning conditions for the site.  

More photographs of the TRD team in action can be seen here.

Heart of the city II

Heart of the city II

Heart of the city II

Heart of the city II

Heart of the city II

Heart of the city II

Heart of the city II

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