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We carry out all elements of site remediation including environmental controls i.e. containment, crushing, processing and importing aggregates


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Nov 08 2015

TRD’s Aaron Evans is Awarded CITB Demolition Apprentice of the Year

Aaron Evans is an apprentice that has grasped every opportunity to excel in the classroom and in his role at Total Reclaims Demolition Limited (TRD).

Aaron left school in 2012 after studying ICT, Art, English and Drama. By his own admission he didn’t know what career he wanted to pursue. However, when a family member suggested an apprenticeship in demolition, his initial reaction was to dismiss it. This was based on his perception that the industry was dirty, and something he didn’t know much about. He had this view because, whilst career services had talked to students about traditional construction trades, he was not made

aware of the many career opportunities in demolition. It was only after researching and watching YouTube that Aaron decided that operating large plant was something that he wanted to try.

TRD’s Apprenticeship Scheme

To encourage young people into the profession, we have developed our apprenticeship scheme to offer opportunities, training and work related skills to young people so that they can acquire the experience and qualifications to enable them to become employees, and hopefully future managers.  We therefore regard the scheme as a catalyst for developing our workforce and succession planning for our business.

As a quiet and shy teenager, Aaron applied to TRDL to join the apprenticeship scheme in 2012. From the moment he was interviewed, we felt we had found someone special, eager to learn and enthusiastic. This, and his many other qualities, shone through at his interview and is why he was offered an apprenticeship.   

Aaron’s Apprenticeship with TRD

Like all apprentices, Aaron completed his training at CITB’s National Training College. He now holds his blue CPCS card. He was able to achieve this in record time because he always ensured that his assignments were submitted on time, often working late and seeking extra help to ensure that he fully understood theoretical concepts and their application to his daily duties and responsibilities.  

It is this drive and determination to succeed that also enabled him to pass his Maths qualification, something that he doesn’t think would have been possible without the encouragement and one-to-one support he received at college.

Winning the CITB Demolition Apprentice of the Year Award

In recognition of Aaron’s hard work and dedication, we were immensely proud when his hard work was formally acknowledged and he achieved CITB Demolition Apprentice of the Year from the national construction college.

Melvyn Cross, Managing Director at TRD says ‘Aaron is a fantastic example of how young people can benefit from the apprenticeship scheme to secure qualifications, experience and permanent employment.  Although he is only 18 years of age, he is an invaluable asset to TRD and his colleagues. He is calm when under pressure and is always willing to support others and help the business to meet timescales.  With his work ethic, attention to detail and determination to succeed, I am absolutely confident that he has a bright future in demolition.’

As well as being a model student, Aaron has also proved himself to be a selfless individual demonstrated by his participation in the charity abseil at our framework project for Nottingham City Homes, to raise money and awareness for ‘School for Parents’, a Nottingham charity that assists with empowering parents with disabled children.

Aaron was also a finalist in the Efficiency East Midlands Apprentice of the Year.

Total Reclaims Demolition are Nottingham's Leading Demolition Company and have been providing demolition solutions nationwide since 1993.

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