Sep 07 2019

Remembering Joe Childs

It is with sadness to announce that our friend and colleague Joe Childs passed away on 6th August 2019. He was a valued member of our team and will be greatly missed for evermore.

Joe’s funeral will be held on Wednesday 18th September 2019, 11.30am at Gedling Crematorium. Donations and/or flowers are very welcome – please send them to TRD’s Head Office in Nottingham and we will ensure that they’re forwarded to Joe’s family.

Joe, Melvyn, Stella and Martin in London

Joe was a pivotal member of the TRD family, and friends and colleagues share many fond memories of him.

Joe had worked for TRD since January 2010 and was a paratrooper earlier on in his career. Joe had a hugely important role in the company. He looked after health and safety and responded to incidents, along with quoting for new tenders.

Stella Wright (TRD’s Company Secretary) had worked with Joe for over 30 years, having firstly worked with him at a specialist demolition health and safety consultancy.

“Joe has, since the day I met him, been nothing but supportive, informative and ‘good fun’ and I learnt so much off him along the way.”

Many people knew Joe for his love of Golf – he was absolutely obsessed by it. He played regularly and was Captain and Chairman at his local Mapperley Golf Club. Joe was also extremely fond of Nottingham Forest Football club. He attended many of the matches and supported them for a number of years. Along with the footie, Joe loved motorbikes and motor bike racing. Once of his favourite memories and a story he told all the time was when he rode with Keith from the Prodigy!

Everyone has many a drunken memory of Joe too as he loved a couple of pints with the lads and ladies. Getting a bit tipsy at various events, falling through a marquee wall as he thought it was a solid wall was often joked about in the office. At another event he fell over and spilled a table of wine all over others! It was all harmless, good fun.

In the office, he was known for having his healthy pack lunch - and then going out to get a bag of chicken wings to eat making a mess everywhere! 

Everything Joe touched broke… the photocopier, the computer, his phone, his car Bluetooth…it was never his fault… but then when you went to help/repair… it was fine and it was actually something Joe had done! 

Joe adored his family and his dog, and his family holidays were always a highlight for him; Joe spent hours showing his TRD colleagues his photos on his return! 

​​Joe and his wife Christine

He often went on weekends away with all the TRD gang too - once to Benidorm to celebrate his 70th birthday, as well as Butlins weekends, amongst other parties. 

Joe was an active member of the NFDC and IDE and was still attending meetings and events with them right up until his illness. He enjoyed going out to site to mingle with the on-site teams, but also to keep in touch with demolition and what was going on within the company and industry.

"Joe was a great friend and colleague and we had many enjoyable times together. He was hardworking, diligent and dedicated to the company. He was the type of person who wouldn't go home until everything was done. 

Joe was respected and highly regarded by all, both in the office and on site. He will be greatly missed by everyone."

Melvyn Cross, Managing Director of TRD

​​The TRD boys Autumn 2018

​​Joe moaning as Melvyn had nicked Joe’s coat and made him have one which was too big!

This photograph took 20 attempts for Joe's CSCS competence card.  He was laughing too much.

Joe enjoying a night out with the TRD lads

Joe and Melvyn

​​Joe in Benidorm celebrating his 70th birthday with all the TRD lads

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