Mar 11 2019

Velocity Tower – Improving the Skyline of Sheffield City Centre

Velocity Tower is a 22-storey block of 169 flats beside the St Mary's Gate roundabout on the edge of Sheffield City Centre.

We were selected by construction giant J Tomlinson to provide a decommissioning and refurbishment service which will enable building works to begin on the creation of an additional seven storey Ibis hotel at the site.

Planning permission was granted 10 years ago for a 30-storey structure, but construction work finished early at 21 floors and the firm behind the project, Velocity Estates, later went into administration. A student accommodation complex next door remained unbuilt - but now the prominent scheme, bought by the Dubai-based Select Group, is finally set to be brought to completion.

Proposals have been approved by Sheffield Council for a new £6.5 million Ibis hotel that will sit beside Velocity Tower using an existing podium that would have been used for the original tower's second phase.

The seven-storey hotel, designed by Whittam Cox Architects on behalf of Harridge Developments Limited, will have 126 beds and should open in December 2019. A coffee shop will be created on the ground floor along with the reception, and 14 parking spaces are to be provided.

Velocity Tower Sheffield

An artist's impression of the new Ibis Hotel located within Velocity Tower.

Velocity Tower Sheffield

Nick Fenton, Associate Director at Whittam Cox Architects said: “We’re delighted to be completing this prominent scheme in the heart of the City.

“The existing partially completed first floor podium which formed the base for the second phase of the original tower development is currently being used as a car park.

“Our proposals seek to enable the completion of the original scheme’s aspiration, creating a high quality leisure focussed extension”.

Andrew Davison at Harridge Developments Limited added, “The development will finish and complement this Sheffield Landmark providing much needed hotel room space to this area of the City”

TRD completed the following work to enable building developments to begin on this exciting construction project:

- An existing roller shutter door was decommissioned, and we removed electrical sensors. The motor was retained.

- The existing Marley Eternit cladding panels were carefully removed, retained, and stored safely on site. Existing blockwork / studwork infill walls behind external cladding boards were removed and disposed of.

- We worked carefully to ensure that the existing low-level concrete wall remained, whilst removing and disposing of the high-level wall infill and cladding system. 

- Much of the existing concrete slab was removed and another area of concrete slab cut back.

- The existing waterproof covering to the first-floor concrete slab was stripped back to bare concrete and we removed the rainwater outlets and parapet upstands accordingly. The slab was cleaned off to give flat surface ready to receive proposed SFS Framing.

- The existing roof parapet detail and slab edge was removed and disposed of. 

- The existing rain screen solid cladding and existing curtain walling system was removed up to and including Level 6. Cladding was removed and stripped back to concrete shear walls and plasterboard party walls of the adjoining tower.

- The existing slab apertures within the slab that had been infilled with timber / concrete cross bracing were removed and/or widened to take new stair / lift cores. 

Velocity Tower Sheffield

View of restricted access/egress route and main roadways immediately adjacent to the site.

Velocity Tower Sheffield

Full height scaffolding was erected around the areas where cladding was removed.

J Tomlinson CEO Mark Davis said: “For some time, J Tomlinson has been increasing work throughout its divisions in the Yorkshire area and we are delighted to have been appointed to build the new Ibis hotel in Sheffield, which will complete the Velocity Tower development.”

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