Jun 28 2017

TRD Commence the Demolition of the Former John Player Warehouses in Nottingham

Demolition of the former John Player warehouses on Wollaton Road in Nottingham began earlier in June to make way for redevelopment of the site by the University of Nottingham who will construct progressive and sustainable world-class campuses.

The warehouses, which stored up to 20,000 tons of tobacco leaf, were built by tobacco and cigarette manufacturing giant John Player and Sons. Now owned by Imperial Tobacco, the company once employed up to 9,000 people across Nottingham and mostly operate from outside of the UK today. The brand still exists but has a much smaller profile due to declining sales since 1974 which bosses believe is mainly because of an increased awareness of the health implications of smoking and a growing black market in the UK.


This demolition project has been split into two phases. Phase one sees the demolition of the two seven storey towers along with the lower level loading bays and offices. Phase two sees the demolition of the third rear eight storey tower along with the relation of the telecoms equipment situated at the site. All materials from the warehouses will be recycled and used within the construction of the new buildings.


Following the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower, TRD are currently liaising with Nottingham Fire and Rescue and have offered the use of the third remaining tower as a training venue. It is hoped that the use of the facilities will help firefighters to understand and control fires caused by the combustion of cladding and fa├žades fitted to high rises and other buildings.

TRD, a leading Midlands demolition contractor, demolished the once iconic John Player warehouses located on Triumph Road in Lenton, Nottingham back in 2016. The demolition which is on-going today is a continuation of same programme of works.

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