Nov 02 2016

Demolition of Nottingham City’s Once Iconic John Player Warehouses

Total Reclaims Demolition were awarded the contract of demolishing the once iconic John Player warehouses located on Triumph Road, in Lenton, Nottingham.

Being a born and bred Nottingham City based firm, 99% of our employees, including Directors have very fond memories of the area and many had family members who were employed at the factory.  It was therefore with a sense of sadness to see the end of such an iconic part of our childhood but a sense of pride that we had developed as a company to be in a position to assist with the progressive development of the University premises.

Nottingham Demolition of John Player & Son's Warehouse in Radford, Nottingham

Built in around 1938 to house 20,000 tons of tobacco leaf, John Player and Sons once employed up to 9,000 workers in factories in and around Nottingham. Now owned by Imperial Tobacco, the brand still exists but has a much smaller profile today running one remaining factory in Lenton near Boots – which is also set to permanently close in the coming months with manufacture moving to foreign plants.

Bosses have blamed declining sales due to people becoming more conscious of health implications of smoking and a growing black market trade for the decision to move out of the UK. 1974 saw the peak year for UK cigarette sales and since then, sales of tobacco products have declined steadily. In 2013, overall sales of cigarettes fell by 11.2 per cent.

In 1986, John Player and Sons was taken over by Hanson PLC and moved from its Radford base to the Horizon factory on Lenton Industrial Estate and the old Player No’s 2, 3 and 4 factories in Radford, as well as a personnel block were demolished to make way for a Castle Retail Park.

The old John Player Factories in Radford, Nottingham

Dr Dan O’Neil from the University of Nottingham has created a website to preserve the history of the city’s iconic John Player & Sons, including the working life of those employed at the premises.

The website, called ‘People at Players’, contains a series of interviews with former employees of the factories, telling their stories and sharing their memories of their time working for the company. There are also old photographs and a video of the Player’s factory sites in Nottingham, giving a visual record of the company’s presence in the city. You can also read more about the history of John Player in Nottingham here.

For further information on the demolition in Nottingham, contact our friendly team who are waiting to help you with your demolition enquiry.

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